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We work hard to find the right role for our candidates. We also encourage job seekers to look for roles that are a good match for thier skill and experiance. If you have not previously used an agency to find your work, our consultants are renowned for making the process as easy as possible. 


You can search through our current vacancies
Send us your CV and request one of our consultants to give you a call. Send CV's to: 
Call and discuss your career experience with us stating ideally what position you are currently looking for.
Once we have received your CV we will match your experience to all appropriate current vacancies we have in an efficient and proactive manner.  Arthur Jones Associates Ltd aims to take the stress out of the process.


We take our time to understand your requirements, and with your consent will forward your CV to companies we have identified.


You may wish to work for a particular company or that you do not want your CV being sent to a particular company. We will develop, together with you, comprehensive ‘candidate profile’ notes to ensure that we can work efficiently on your behalf.

This also enables us to ensure the quick and efficient match for you, and our clients regarding your CV and experience.


Our aim is to help you find your ideal position as quickly as possible, but to also ensure we offer you the best possible service.

We are a proactive and professional company with a straight forward approach to securing you that position.


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